12 x Kids' Hangers in Black and White

12 x Kids' Hangers in Black and White
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For Boys Only! 

12 x Kids' Hangers in Black and White for a Clutter-Free Closet!

Are your kids' closets disorganized? Are there piles of stuff as far as the eye can see? Never fear the fabulous Magic Hangers will take care of any messy closet!

Your kid's closet can be just as organized and tidy as yours with the Magic Hangers. The Magic Hangers are ultra-slim and will have your closet spacious and organized in no time. To save even more space use the cascading hooks in lavender or black to easily hang multiple items on one hanger.

The Kids' Hangers Feature
Gentle curves. No more shoulder bumps. Preserves the shape of your clothing.
Long silver-colored hooks. Allow large turtlenecks or scoop necks to be hung.
Velvet flocked material. Prevents clothes from slipping.
Color fast flocking. Allows you to hang wet garments with no concern of colors running.

Smaller than the usual the Kids' Hangers are designed for the cute and small attire of your children.

Length of a Kid's Hanger: 28 cm

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