Combo Pack 57 pcs in Purple

Combo Pack 57 pcs in Purple
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Combo Pack Magic Hangers. 57 Fabulous Pieces in Purple

Hooks: silver-colored

De-clutter your life and transform all closets with the Magic Hangers! These are ultra-slim and ready to give your closets a long-awaited makeover. They virtually double closet space and take closet organization to the next level. Our Magic Hangers include a non-slip velvety finish that prevents clothing from slipping off the hanger and protects delicate garments. They are ultra-slim and ready to get your closet organized and spacious in no time. With a slim, compact profile that helps to conserve precious space in your closet, these lightweight hangers are strong enough to hold delicate wardrobe as well as heavy winter coats.

The Combo Pack Magic Hangers Includes
- 26 suit hangers (length: 45,5 cm)
- 12 shirt hangers (length: 43 cm)
- 10 finger clips
- 6 cascading hooks
- 1 tie/belt hanger – to organize ties, scarves, or belts perfectly
- 2 door hooks

Magic Hangers Feature
• Velvet flocked material. Prevents clothes from slipping.
Ergonomically designed ends preserve garment shape.
Non-slip flocked finish.
Allows you to hang wet garments with no concern of colors running.
Finger clips - neatly hang skirts and pants.
Cascading hooks. Hang multiple items using minimal space.
Tie or belt hanger. Hang all of your ties and belts in one accessible place.

Now you will never get tired of opening your systemized and ever-so fabulous closet!

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