12 x Suit Hangers in Black

12 x Suit Hangers in Black
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12 x Suit Hangers in Black

Hooks: silver-colored

Look forward to opening that closet door and seeing how these hangers change your everyday life, de-cluttering and making it easy to see what's actually in your closet.

Their ultra-thin and velvety design helps keep your clothes neat and organized and expands the storage space of your closet!

The fabulous features are
• velvety, soft, extra hanger
• they prevent clothes from slipping
• long silver-colored hook
• they are gently curved to preserve shoulder shape of clothing
• virtually unbreakable, very lightweight
• they are only 0,45 cm thick
• they take up next to no space
• they have no bulky padding
• no hooks are necessary to keep clothing in place
• they are plush and velvety enough for the most delicate fabrics yet strong enough for the heaviest coat
• they are great for travel, they go right from the closet to the garment bag.

Give your wardrobe an instant makeover with the Magic Hangers!

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